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About Us

Courses and instructions designed to help new gun owners and beginning shooters develop the necessary skills to be safe, responsible, and efficient. From helping select the right firearm for your needs, to the proper use and care of your firearms, home firearm safety and establishing proper training methods, Firearm Fundamentals will help you reach and exceed your goals.



David Snyder
Owner – Firearm Fundamentals

NRA Certified Instructor, State of NV Certified Instructor for Nevada CCW, Chief Range Safety Officer, Graduate of ESI (Executive Security International), EMT Level 1 Trained, 25+ years underground utility construction, Husband, Father.

My father introduced me to firearms, archery and other outdoor activities at a young age. Because of him, I have had many years of enjoyment centered around shooting activities, a luxury not everyone gets. Working as a Foreman and Superintendent in the construction industry, and being a father myself, I have learned how to teach and convey information based on an individuals personality and skill level. After deciding to combine my passion for shooting with my own skills as a superintendent, I trained for and received my credentials as an instructor through the NRA. Firearm Fundamentals soon followed, not only offering a selection of NRA approved courses but also the Nevada CCW Course. I take pride in the fact that my classes offer more personal attention for the students and a safe practical approach to firearm ownership and use.