Nevada + Florida CCW


This is a State of Nevada approved CCW course.  Course length is 8hrs minimum, plus range time for qualification.  Classes may be booked for our open enrollment dates or privately for individuals forming their own small groups.  Sponsors of groups will receive discounted pricing.  Private groups get flexibility of scheduling based on the group’s needs.

Our CCW course focuses on a practical, common sense approach towards carrying a firearm concealed on a regular basis, as well as the responsibilities the come with having and using a concealed carry firearm.  Safety, threat avoidance, situational awareness, basic handgun operation and handling, methods of carry, post shooting requirements as well as the laws pertaining to having a CCW permit are all covered in the course.

By keeping course sizes small, students get the opportunity to activity participate throughout the whole class.  Having your concealed carry permit and carrying a firearm for your protection is a serious matter.  It is important that you take your course from an instructor that you’re comfortable with and gives a class that covers the states requirements and more.  For a more detailed description of what our course provides, available dates and rates for your group or to hold a spot in an open enrollment date please call.

Florida CCW

The state of Florida requires non-resident CCW applicants attend a handgun course given by an instructor that meets their requirements.  Firearm fundamentals Nevada CCW course and instructor meets these requirements.  Upon successful completion of the Nevada CCW class, those students wishing to apply for the non-resident Florida permit, will be issued a course completion certificate that can be included with their application.  Certificate cost is $20.00.

Schedule Nevada + Florida CCW

All classes will now require a deposit in order to reserve a spot. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we have had several classes with no-shows, where spots could have been given to others on our wait list. All reserved spots are fully transferable to another class, should you not be able to attend your scheduled class.

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