Personal Safety and Crime Prevention Workshop


This workshop is comprised of a variety of crime prevention strategies ranging from crime psychology, home invasion to cyber crime. The workshop can vary in length, and it may be modified to suit the needs of a particular audience. This is not a firearms instruction course and does not include instruction in physical combat or self-defense. Course material covers common weaknesses that criminals may take advantage of and includes a variety of corrective measures that are practical, inexpensive, and easy to follow. Strategies include but are not limited to home security, carjack avoidance, cyber safety, home defense and safety plans and use of personal safety devices. Again, classes may last as long as 8 hours and include the entire compliment of information available, but a modified seminar may be as short as 90 minutes and addresses specific topics catered to the student’s wants and needs. Generally, our classes last approximately 4 hours. Please call for more information.

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