Skills Building Range Session

Sponsored by: Firearm Fundamentals 702-628-6967 & Personal Safety Firearms Training 702-204-2567

Range work designed to increase shooting and handling skills. As skills progress, multiple course levels allow the shooter to build on the basics learned and advance their training through new techniques and drills that are challenging, practical and safe. Some examples of what to expect:

● Multiple targets, varied target presentations, no shoot targets
● Shooting from a variety of positions
● Forced reloads and malfunction drills
● Threat recognition
● Shooting and handgun presentation from different positions
● Shooting from behind cover

Clinics will be held at the Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club in Boulder City on Saturdays.

Group sizes will be kept small with no more than 10 – 15 students per session. Each group will have a scheduled start and stop time. 3 sessions will be available – morning, mid-day, and late afternoon.

Those interested in attending must call and reserve a time slot and spot in the group. Due to limited space, a confirmed reservation will be required. For clinic dates, please see Calendar.

What to bring:

● Handgun(s)
● 1 magazine or speedloader
● Holster
● Eye and ear protection
● 100 rounds of ammunition

* * Some items are available for purchase and/or rent – holsters, safety glasses, ear plugs/muffs, knee pads.

Introductory Pricing:
Level 1 classes: $60*
Advanced classes: $75.00*
*per person, per session (includes BRPC range fees)